LIQIN has a 16-year qualification in toroidal transformer design and manufacture. Our transformers are widely used in 35 industries, including Energy, Medical Equipment, Audio, Industrial Control, Electronic Communication, Lighting, Household Appliances, Security Monitoring System and so on.

  • High Efficiency Audio Toroidal Transformer

    Output transformer: used in audio equipment and broadcasting equipment, plays the role of impedance transformation in the circuit. Input transformer: the main function is in the input of sound signal when the occurrence of impedance conversion in the circuit. Interstage transformer: a common interstage transformer enables the various operating units in an amplifier to harmonize. Wire-to-wire transformer: wire-to-wire transformers are often used in wired broadcast equipment. Due to the cable broadcast on the work unit, there are often a lot of power amplifier, and the long lines, long distance transmission of audio will make the audio distortion. The structure of the ring audio transformer has high utilization rate, high stability, low loss and strong load capacity. Therefore, toroidal audio transformer is very suitable for installation in broadcast system.

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  • 100VA Power Supply Transformer

    Transformer Process
    1.The iron core is tightly wound, annealed at high temperature, fixed and moisture-proof by dipping insulating oil, chamfering process at the edge, protected by insulating tape with good tensile property at high temperature
    2.Insulation: we will use insulating materials which is with high temperature resistance and good insulation performance. And it has sufficient overlapping width and number of insulating layers. 3.Copper wire: we will use double-insulation lacquered copper wire, standard winding process, using relatively low winding speed and tension to better enhance transformer quality. 4.Wiring soldering tin head, insulated and isolated by fiber tube which is with high temperature resistance and good insulation performance 5.Transformer finished product aging 6.Transformer 100% full inspection

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  • Medical Device Isolating Toroidal Transformer

    The medical toroidal transformer commonly used to provide suitable power to various medical and peripheral equipment. High efficiency, low loss; Small size and light weight; No noise, low temperature rise; Low leakage, double over current fuse; Multiple temperature protection switches; Power from 10 va - 10 kva; Custom design products for customers. Widely used in medical equipment, such as: scanner, X-ray machine, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, clinical testing equipment, dental equipment, cosmetic equipment, rehabilitation therapy equipment, operating bed and various diagnostic equipment.

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