Medical Toroidal Transformers

Medical Toroidal Transformers

A.  Overview
A transformer commonly used to provide suitable power to various medical and peripheral equipment.

B.  Features
The toroidal transformer used in medical device has the characteristics of low leakage flux, low interference to the periphery and low working temperature rise.

C.  Design Consideration
1.  Strengthen the insulation leakage current is low
2.  Low magnetic leakage
3.  Low interference
4.  Thermal protection
5.  Low temperature rise of the product
6.  Low vibration and noise
7.  International Medical Safety Standards
8.  Power 10VA to 10KVA

D.  Temperature resistance and product temperature rise
Typically we design that over an ambient of 25°C, the product temperature rise according to Class A(105°C), temperature rise below 60°C or suit.

E.  Compliance Standard
EN60601-1 3rd

F.  Design required parameters
1.  Input voltage (V)
2.  Working frequency (Hz)
3.  Output voltage (V)
4.  Output current (A) or output power (W)
5.  Transformer installation space
6.  Transformer installation and connection method
7.  Requirements of temperature resistance level, efficiency, power consumption

  • Isolation Medical Device Toroidal Transformer

    Medical toroidal transformers, also known as isolated power supply systems, are widely used in the medical field. 1. Because the isolation transformer reduces the contact voltage and the current from the grid to the ground, the risk of being electrocuted is minimized. 2. Isolation transformer can effectively reduce ground leakage current and improve fire safety. 3, to ensure the continuity of power supply, when the insulation fault, will not easily cause the power trip.

  • High Voltage Power Toroidal Transformer For Medical

    In the medical industry, the quality and efficiency of medical equipment used for medical health function are highly valued in the selection of production and parts.Therefore, the quality and efficiency of medical transformers used for medical devices are very high. In medical equipment, the role of medical transformer is very important, mainly used for electricity isolation, work efficiency and safe use, so high quality medical transformer can improve work efficiency and use safety.

  • Hot
    Medical Device Isolating Toroidal Transformer

    The medical toroidal transformer commonly used to provide suitable power to various medical and peripheral equipment. High efficiency, low loss; Small size and light weight; No noise, low temperature rise; Low leakage, double over current fuse; Multiple temperature protection switches; Power from 10 va - 10 kva; Custom design products for customers. Widely used in medical equipment, such as: scanner, X-ray machine, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, clinical testing equipment, dental equipment, cosmetic equipment, rehabilitation therapy equipment, operating bed and various diagnostic equipment.

  • Toroidal Transformer For Medical Equipment

    Toroidal transformers used in medical electrical equipment are different from those used in general instruments and have many special requirements. 1. Toroidal transformers used in medical electrical equipment shall prevent their basic insulation, auxiliary insulation and reinforced insulation from overheating in case of short circuit or overload of any output winding. 2. Protective devices that are external to the transformer or outside the transformer housing to prevent overheating, such as fuses, over-current releasers, thermal circuit breakers, etc., shall be connected so that the protective devices will not become ineffective when any components other than the wiring between the protective devices and the transformers are damaged.