• 1.Why choose LIQIN?

    Quality: under ISO9001 quality management system, our product customer complaint rate is almost zero, customer satisfaction reached 99.99%. Service: reply to customer email within 2 hours. As our business partner, every suggestion you make will be highly valued. Price: experienced engineering team can help you design a cost-effective product solution, in strict quality requirements, our price will be lower than peers.

  • 2.How to customize the toroidal transformer according to your devices requirements?

    You need to provide the following parameters: 1. Input voltage (V) 2. Working frequency (Hz) 3. Output voltage (V) 4. Output current (A) or Output power (W) 5. Transformer installation space 6. Transformer installation and connection method 7. Requirements of temperature resistance level, efficiency, power consumption

  • 3.What international standards does LIQIN's transformer meet?

    UL, CE, RoHS, IEC61558, EN60601-1 : 2006/A1 :2013 (Medical), ISO.

  • 4.Delivery date and shipping method?

    Generally, the delivery time of samples is 3-7 days, and the delivery time of mass production is 25-45 days (specific time should be combined with the current production situation). Shipping methods: UPS, FedEx, DHL, sea freight, air freight

  • 5.Product packing

    Product packaging: pearl cotton, clapboard, carton External protection: wooden board, plastic board, bearing tray