high frequency transformer

  • Low Lost Off-grid Three Phase Solar Inverter Transformer

    Toroidal transformers are widely used in household appliances and other electronic devices, and have high technical requirements. It is mainly used as power transformer and isolation transformer. There is a complete series of toroidal transformer in overseas market, which is mainly used in medical electronic equipment, electronic communication equipment, LED lighting, audio, amplifier, security monioring equipemnt, game machine, industrial control equipment and so on.

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  • Switch Power Supply Transformer

    Transformer Process: 1. The iron core is tightly wound, annealed at high temperature, fixed and moisture-proof by dipping insulating oil, chamfering process at the edge, protected by insulating tape with good tensile property at high temperature 2.Insulation: we will use insulating materials which is with high temperature resistance and good insulation performance. And it has sufficient overlapping width and number of insulating layers. 3.Copper wire: we will use double-insulation lacquered copper wire, standard winding process, using relatively low winding speed and tension to better enhance transformer quality. 4.Wiring soldering tin head, insulated and isolated by fiber tube which is with high temperature resistance and good insulation performance 5.Transformer finished product aging 6.Transformer 100% full inspection

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