high voltage transformer

  • Custom Design Inverter Transformer

    Material Characteristics of Toroidal Transformer: 1. Iron core: made of oriented silicon steel strip--low loss, high flux 2. Insulation: use DuPont insulation tape and polymer PET polyester film--high temperature resistance, good insulation performance 3. Copper wire: use double insulation enameled wire and Polyester imide coating--high mechanical strength and good abrasion resistance 4. Tape: use high-resistance insulation tape--high temperature resistance and good insulation performance. 5. Tube: silicone oil fiberglass tube--high temperature resistance, high tearing, good insulation performance 6. Thermal protection: use a safety-certified thermal fuse or temperature switch

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  • High Voltage Power Toroidal Transformer For Medical

    In the medical industry, the quality and efficiency of medical equipment used for medical health function are highly valued in the selection of production and parts.Therefore, the quality and efficiency of medical transformers used for medical devices are very high. In medical equipment, the role of medical transformer is very important, mainly used for electricity isolation, work efficiency and safe use, so high quality medical transformer can improve work efficiency and use safety.

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