outdoor waterproof transformer

  • Outdoor Waterproof Transformer For LED Underwater Light

    Ring waterproof transformer is specially designed for outdoor rain shower (outdoor wall hanging), water immersion (pool, river, sea), air humidity, etc. Toroidal waterproof transformer is designed with overload and short circuit protection. In order to cope with the wire aging caused by the strong ultraviolet in the strong sunlight during the day, and the cold outdoor temperature in the northern winter environment, the input and output leads must use wire with cold resistance and uv resistance characteristics.

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  • IP65 Waterproof Transformer

    Waterproof transformer is a transformer with waterproof (moisture-proof/rainproof) function.Waterproof transformer has a special protective shell (outer cover), and the internal transformer is treated with pouring and sealing (generally using thermal conductivity epoxy resin as the pouring and sealing material), which can deal with high temperature, humidity, rain, water immersion and other harsh environment. IP protection grade is relatively high (IP67). When used as outdoor, environmental factors change greatly, transformer must have heat dissipation performance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, uv resistance requirements, considering outdoor construction and installation use, general requirements with overload and short circuit protection. Waterproof transformer has been widely used in outdoor lighting, urban lighting engineering, mining, Marine equipment, electronic sanitary equipment, industrial atomization humidifier, medical equipment, precision instruments and other industries.

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