toroidal winding

  • Custom Design Inverter Transformer

    Material Characteristics of Toroidal Transformer: 1. Iron core: made of oriented silicon steel strip--low loss, high flux 2. Insulation: use DuPont insulation tape and polymer PET polyester film--high temperature resistance, good insulation performance 3. Copper wire: use double insulation enameled wire and Polyester imide coating--high mechanical strength and good abrasion resistance 4. Tape: use high-resistance insulation tape--high temperature resistance and good insulation performance. 5. Tube: silicone oil fiberglass tube--high temperature resistance, high tearing, good insulation performance 6. Thermal protection: use a safety-certified thermal fuse or temperature switch

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  • Custom Design High Frequency Toroidal Transformer

    1.The toroidal transformer has a simple structure and can be flexibly designed, 2. The toroidal core is made of oriented silicon steel strip, which is a continuous closed magnetic circuit with high magnetic flux and small leakage inductance; 3.The toroidal core has low processing stress and can fully utilize the magnetic properties of the core material. Its magnetic property is better than those of other types; 4.Under the same electrical performance, the temperature rise is lower than that of other types, and has a longer service life; 5.For high-power transformers, it has the advantages of small size and high cost performance. 6.Wide application fields.

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