Step Up Transformer 110v To 440v

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Step Up Transformer 110v To 440v
  • 25-45days
  • 25000units/per month

Step up transformer, also known as inverter transformer.
A step up transformer is a transformer that increases the voltage. Generally, in solar power generation, the voltage generated by solar energy is too low to supply electricity to electrical appliances. Therefore, a step up transformer is used to increase the working voltage. Generally used in solar power generation, inverter power supply and so on.

Product Details:

Product Name: Step Up Transformer 110v To 440v

Coil Structure: Toroidal

Phase: Single phase

Material: Iron core, 100% Copper Wire

Primary Voltage: 110V (customized)

Secondary Voltage: 440V (customized)

Secondary Current: customized

Power: 20VA to 10kVA (customized)

Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Efficiency: 90%~98%

Insulation: Class B (130℃)

Mounting methods:PCB mount, plate mount, center encapsulated with screw, lead wire etc

Design:OEM & ODM is available

Dimension / Weight: customized

Certification: CE, RoHS, Complianced with UL standard

QMS: ISO9001

Advantages of toroidal step up transformer:

  • High efficiency, Lower loss

  • Excellent voltage regulation

  • Smaller size, Light weight

  • No mechanical noise

  • Low temperature rise

  • Flexible dimensions

  • Isolation class: A or B (105℃ or 130 ℃)

  • Overtemperature protective device.

Applications of toroidal step up transformer:

  • Solar inverter, testing instrument, mechanical equipment, audio&amplifier, medical devices, communication devices, electrical machinery, monitoring equipment

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