Toroidal Core Transformer For Garage Door

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Toroidal Core Transformer For Garage Door
  • 25-45days
  • 25000units/per month

1. The toroidal transformer has a simple structure and can be flexibly designed;
2. The toroidal core is made of oriented silicon steel strip, which is a continuous closed magnetic circuit with high magnetic flux and small leakage inductance;
3. The toroidal core has low processing stress and can fully utilize the magnetic properties of the core material. Its magnetic property is better than those of other types;
4. Under the same electrical performance, the temperature rise is lower than that of other types, and has a longer service life;
5. For high-power transformers, it has the advantages of small size and high cost performance.
6.Wide application fields.

Product Details:

Product Name: Toroidal Core Transformer For Garage Door

Coil Structure: Toroidal transformer

Phase: Single phase

Material: Iron Core, 100% Copper Wire

Primary Voltage:  AC380V (designed according to customer's requirements)

Secondary Voltage:  AC24V (designed accoding to customer's requirements)

Secondary Current: designed accoding to customer's requirements

Power: 10VA~10kVA

Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Efficiency: >90%

Mounting: PCB mount, lead wire or with mounting plate etc.

Insulation: Class B, Class F, Class E, Class H as you want

Temperature rise: less than 65degree or customized

Dimension / Weight: Refer to specification

Certification: CE, RoHS, Complianced with UL standard

Fuse:Thermal Switch Or Thermal Fuse (optional)

Standard: CE, UL5085, UL506, cUL

QMS: ISO9001

Advantages of toroidal transformer for automatic garage door:

  • Low weight

  • Low no-load loss

  • Low stray magnetic field

  • Low operating temperature

  • High efficiency

  • Cost savings

Applications of toroidal transformer for automatic garage door:

  • Automatic door control system

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