Underwater Light Accessories Waterproof Transformer

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Underwater Light Accessories Waterproof Transformer
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  • 25000units/per month

The main purpose of the waterproof transformer is to prevent rain or water soaking. The capacity is generally 10VA to 10kVA, and the protection level is IP67. The waterproof transformer is specially designed for outdoor rain shower (outdoor wall hanging), water soaking (pool, river, seaside), air humidity and other application occasions.
In order to cope with the high temperature environment that may occur outdoors, the transformer adopts the ring transformer, which has the advantages of high efficiency and low temperature rise.
Protective housing (outer housing) generally no longer use iron and plastic shell, but use aluminum shell to facilitate heat dissipation;
In order to improve the product voltage stability performance and reduce the difficulty of outdoor construction and installation, the ring waterproof transformer is generally designed with overload and short circuit protection functions;
In order to cope with the wire aging caused by the strong ultraviolet in the strong sunlight during the day, and the cold outdoor temperature in the northern winter environment, the input and output leads must use wire with cold resistance and uv resistance characteristics.

Product Details:

Name: Underwater Light Accessories Waterproof Transformer

Usage: Power

Phase: Single

Coil Structure: Toroidal

Power: from 10VA to 10kVA

Standards to follow: EN61558-1/EN61558-2-6, EN60950-1

Winding: Copper

Working frequency: 50/60Hz

Temperature Rise: Less than 65 celcius degree

Protection: IP67

Certifications: CE, RoHS, UL

Application: Landscape and outdoor engineering lighting, LED wall washing light, LED underwater light, LED buried light, or the place which have waterproof or moisture-proof request.

The information of waterproof transformer:

An isolation transformers is external potted and is suitable for places with high humidity such as underwater and river banks.

Due to the waterproof transformer can achieve a high protection requirements, the waterproof transformer can be suitable for a variety of environments and can cover a lot of application fields. The main application occasions outdoor lighting, urban lighting project, mining mine, Marine equipment, industrial atomization humidifier and so on.

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