protecting environment, saving energy

Protecting the environment starts from me.

  1. Save resources and reduce pollution

    (1) take pride in saving water, and turn off the faucet at any time to prevent dripping.

    (2) use detergent with caution and use soap as much as possible to reduce the pollution of water by chemicals in detergent.

  2. Green consumption and environmental protection

    (1) reduce water and air pollution by using unleaded gasoline, cadmium-free lead battery and phosphorus-free detergent.

    (2) buy low schedule household refrigeration appliances, no schedule hair mousse, reduce the pollution to the ozone layer.

  3. the use of repeated use as few as possible to use disposable goods, more durable goods.If do not use disposable plastic and meal box, reduce white pollution;Do not use disposable chopsticks;Bring your own shopping pocket or basket.

  4. classification recycling recycling reuse waste batteries, waste plastic and other garbage, waste;Put the garbage separately, turn the waste into treasure, recycle the resources and benefit the mankind.

  5. We strengthen scientific management of the operation of energy-using equipment and eliminate excess equipment and waste of energy. Do well in the maintenance of the equipment, maintain the good technical status of the equipment, prevent running, dripping and leakage. Regularly replace the equipment  which is old, or with poor technical condition and high energy consumption.