240v To 110v Step Down Transformer

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240v To 110v Step Down Transformer
  • 25-45days
  • 25000units/per month

A step-down transformer is a transformer that lowers the voltage.
General appliances will use the step-down transformer to 220 v electric, step-down to the working voltage of electric equipment, generally used in LED outdoor lighting engineering, medical equipment, security monitoring, packaging machinery, automation equipment, audio amplifiers, stepper motor, water purifiers, nc machine tools, UPS power supply, mist maker, humidifier, measuring equipment, electric door, cable television, recreational equipment, etc.

Product Details:

Usage: Power

Phase: Single

Coil Structure: Toroidal

Coil Number: Auto transformer

Type: low frequency transformer

Core: ferrite, silicon steel sheet

Certification: CE Rohs

Rated voltage: 10-10kv

Frequency: 50/60Hz, custom

Output Voltage: 0-10kv

Insulation grade: Class B

Size/Pin: Custom

Application: PCB Assembly transformer module


  • Medical equipment, automatic control equipment, home appliance speaker equipment, security monitoring equipment;

  • Broadcasting system, solar and wind power, electronic communication;


  • High work efficiency

  • Low working loss

  • Thermal protection

  • Low vibration and noise

  • International Power Transformer Safety Standard

The information of step down transformer:

Step down transformer is a transformer that converts high voltage into low voltage.

The step-down transformers has the characteristics of large randomness of products, single structure, high magnetic performance utilization, relatively low temperature rise, relatively high working efficiency, and good cost performance.

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