Step Down Transformer 230v To 200v

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Step Down Transformer 230v To 200v
  • 25-45days
  • 25000units/per month

A step-down transformer is a transformer that lowers the voltage.
General appliances will use the step-down transformer to 220 v electric, step-down to the working voltage of electric equipment, generally used in LED outdoor lighting engineering, medical equipment, security monitoring, packaging machinery, automation equipment, audio amplifiers, stepper motor, water purifiers, nc machine tools, UPS power supply, mist maker, humidifier, measuring equipment, electric door, cable television, recreational equipment, etc.

Product Details:

Product Name: Step Down Transformer 230v To 200v

Coil Structure: Toroidal transformer

Phase: Single phase

Material: Iron core, 100% Copper Wire

Primary Voltage: 230V (as per customer's requirements)

Secondary Voltage: 200V (as per customer's requirements)

Secondary Current: as per customer's requirements

Power: 20VA to 10kVA (as per customer's requirements)

Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Efficiency: 90%~98%

Insulation: Class B (130℃)

Mounting methods: Parts for mounting supplied(rubber mats, screws and nuts) or Central proxy resin encapsulation and drilling

Design:OEM & ODM is available

Dimension / Weight: customized

Certification: CE, RoHS, Complianced with UL standard

QMS: ISO9001

Advantages of toroidal step down transformer:

  • Suitable as safety isolating transformer in constructions where low weight, flexible dimensions and optimum conditions between dimensions are preferable.

Applications of toroidal step down transformer:

  • circuit power

  • game machine

  • heating film

  • audio system

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